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Chenery Technical Services can perform Preventative Thermal scans to  help  you and  your Company  avoid unscheduled equipment shutdowns by Thermo graphically assessing the mechanical and electrical components of your equipment.

Using Infrared technology, we can tell if an object is overheating, indicating possible future failure. Predictive maintenance schedules can save your company loss of production time and emergency repairs. 

Key Benefits:

  • Analysis of mechanical systems, motors, bearings and moving parts for excess stress indicated by heat. 
  • Infrared Technology empowers you with information to make educated decisions on your Preventive Maintenance Program, without the shutdown of your operation. 
  • Scheduled Infrared Thermography can minimize repair time with the history of the fault known from previous scans.
  • Scheduled maintenance can be preplanned to reduce failures and loss of production or performance.  
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging is a safe and flexible technology to utilize when monitoring equipment operating at various high voltages or temperatures.  When applying this infrared technology, equipment can be inspected safely, quickly and accurately using remote sensing of temperature variances.

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